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It would be wonderful to think of this country as an honest nation full of hope and cheer; a land of golden opportunity and fairness; A land that offers much by way of advances and advantages over much of the world to be sure, but is it the country based on the beliefs we should be proud of?

I don’t think so.

To me this is a country based on the old beliefs of warlords and tribes. Our whole system is a battle for those who had power to still maintain that power no matter the cost.

That we are now in the twenty-first century with many differing views being expressed, and heard, and acted upon means to me less stability rather than more.

Just three or four years ago I thought that the world was on the mend. Getting better.

So many pointers to it – World Health Organisation statistics showed that the balance of obese westerners was on a par with people dying from starvation.

Any way, the state of the world was supposedly getting better. Now Amnesty International points out that there is a decline in values – not a decline in wealth but in the abuses of power that the wealthy have over the rest of us.

Deep sadness and anger fill my head and my heart. I can still laugh and prat around with my sister and cry over social stupidities with my friends but I no longer feel that ‘getting better’ feeling that I had.

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