>Are you proud of the work you do?

>Examples of single line tokens: Tablet on left...Image via Wikipedia Are you proud of your lineage?

Do you feel capable because you know what you know? Are your skills worth having?

Are you glad that you are one of the few people who can make a specific item or one of the few who know so much about a particular subject?

Do you love your home or your land and see each as a living entity with history and a future?

Does your Art fulfill you yet leave you questing for more?

Are you satisfied with a lot of your life?

Do you really know how lucky you are?

Has the fact that we are the only life of our kind for light-years around here really made you stop, think and understand the awe inspiring nature of that fact?

Now …

… go and count your worth.

First of all. How are you doing this? What tools or add on are you using? Is your first step to be towards a work of great learning or towards a calculator?

Which counts for the most in your head? Which counts for the most in the reality you are surrounded by? Your every day life.

If you removed money from your life and from those around you would you all survive in the world of today?

If your spiritual life can sustain your earthly body then you are a lucky human being. If you need money in order to live then chances are that you live under some form of control that means your spiritual world is limited by your daily need to sustain life and soul through dint of labouring or through the receiving of charity.


Jumping back to the beginning. If you are pleased, proud or contented with what you know and where you are then you should be able to pin a fairly good score to the doors of the spiritual growth path of life.

And that’s quite a lot of people in this world, from all walks of life, who are happy to be alive.

So, it should be possible to make a few alterations to some of the core basics of this artificial system that mankind has built that should help the rest of the human population, whoever needs it, to sort out their struggles and build something that has the qualities they desire in the space they live in.

Times of plenty are usually times of deliciously full living. Even if that is the ability to stare into space without a care in the world – other than those of every day living – the cares that society imposes as part of its feeding rituals long gone.

For the first time in the growth of the civilisation called humanity we have the tools to progress to the next step in our own social growth.

Controllable thanks to the internet, computers (of course) and the many systems worldwide who now use digital communications and data as part of their cores.

And thanks as well to the tons upon tons of history that is now being collected and digitised for all to study and ponder upon.

With a bit of judicious tinkering it would be quite possible to rebuild the financial roll of this society into one based on the losses of any negatives regarding money.

Taking the core principle of the Local Exchange Trading System model – that money is created where and when it is needed – money suddenly becomes as available as air.

What doesn’t happen is that everything shoots up in price or that businesses collapse or that suddenly, because they have endless amounts of money people start forcibly buying anything they set their eyes on.

The capitalist/ money system already built into this world along with the governing systems with all their laws, rules and regulations will stop this happening.

Money is an invention – or more truthfully it is a token system used to facilitate trade and, now, living as well.

These tokens have assumed far too great an importance. Their lack can mean the difference between life and death.

It is very obviously not the tokens themselves that are at fault. It seems to be the fact that mankind has decided that these tokens only grow at their own rate and are linked to prices of scarce metals.

Rather than seeing this world and its systems as capable of working without the pressure of a token system that has got too powerful for its own boots – we tend to see that without money we are stuffed.

Which, in this day and age, is just plain stupid. But true.

If the top end of our social structures had little or no tokens then we could be justifiable if we altered the system to one that worked. Why is it that we are not justifiable in changing it when those at the top have but those down at the bottom struggle and even die through lack of buying power.

It can be changed and that change need not be as destructive as past attempts have been. Those ‘with’ need not lose what they have. Those who have never ‘had’ will be able to finally build lives that are as fulfilling as those
lives of people ‘with’.

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