>’Good’ V ‘Evil’ – Sorted V Not Sorted

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The Technological Answer for Today’s World

I can’t see the world getting less complex, can you?

A world where the more you really know the less you can really believe in the system… or maybe the more you can take from the system.


Even that sentence is too complicated!

I’ve been working on something for the last x number of years which, initially, looks like a technological super Filofax come Smartphone come all sorts of other things that could help life work better…

…but, it hit me the other night that what I am really trying to do is sort out the problems caused by lack of knowledge and misunderstanding. More, I want to get rid of the battle between good and evil or, at least bring it out into the open and see it for what it really is.

Whatever that is.

Who do you believe regarding the happenings of today?

The government? The opposition? The Press? The Media? Your religious leaders? Your workmates?

“If you look into the Abyss the Abyss will look into you”. Nietzsche. Just heard it on TVBBC1 Spooks – now there’s a programme designed to twist the mind. How much of our UK TV programming is just that? Programming. For our minds. So we keep on being either frightened or angry or whatever is needed for others to control our realities.

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