>Silent lie the hidden ones, in the shadows, by the door…


The only known photograph of Chief Seattle, ta...Image via Wikipedia We do not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we borrow it from our children

Chief Seattle.

Our forefathers decided they could own the earth – then borrowed against it and left appalling debts for our children’s children to pay

When you build a society and define a process that acts as a control and as a cover for acts of human failing such as self obsession, greed, cruelty, over the top pride in one’s own importance, arrogance and the like then you build something that can never be sorted out properly until that control process is altered or removed.

Capitalism has such a thing. It’s called money. With it being in control of so much as it is at the moment it is very unlikely that poverty and death from lack of necessities is going to clear up at all, let alone in the time periods being touted as possible, whether this be the 2015 of the UN Millennium Declaration or the revision of 2165 put forward by those who had to respond to the Declarations requests.

Which means that people in their multiple millions upon millions are going to die unfulfilled lives during that time. Children are going to die in their millions upon millions without adding to this thing called the Human Race. Think how many Stephen Hawkings there are out their who will never say the first word of something that could alter society for the better, for ever.

Look around. Use the most powerful instruments you can. Count the other species of carbon based life forms on any of the bodies you can see out there in the rest of the Universe. So far I hear they have found none. Nothing for light years.

A flea is light years ahead of anything living out there within reach of our most powerful technology. The germs we kill in our kitchens every day are more together than anything we know is actually out there in the billions of square light years around us.

So, shouldn’t we suddenly learn, wholesale, that this whole planet, with everything on it, is a most amazing resource. As the surfers say ‘totally valuable’.

Which suddenly means that every living thing becomes invaluably valuable.

It also means that we need to start building on the moon and other planets ASAP!

Remember the huge machines of the Victorian era? Nuts and bolts as big as a horse? The super machines of the comic books? Why haven’t we built a spider legged monstrosity that can walk with computer controlled precision through houses or forests to deliver forest fire stopping capabilities or flood rescue facilities bar none?

Have you seen the true size of a super tanker or the full engineering extent of a valley spanning bridge? Why are there no such sized ‘weapons’ against pollution by plastic in the pacific basin or oil spill cleaning tools in the main oil delivery lanes of the highways of the seas?

… because human kind has intelligence.

… ……..?

What has big machines got to do with money and its way of locking the social structure?

The same lock on society is also a lock on capital projects.

The very capital projects that offer viable solutions to a single planet’s people, flora and fauna.

With the system in place today, with it’s locks built by monetary controls, economic theories, power structures seemingly solely based on amounts of cash available, it is no wonder that World problems of pollution, population, decreasing resources, etc., are being left to our future heirs to sort because the powers of today cannot have all they want if everyone gets as rich as they are overnight.

More to the point though is that pride and position over others cannot be maintained by money alone if the power of money is removed.

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