>So, If Money And The Human Condition Aren’t The Problem, What Is?

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Some things just aren’t there when you need them.

Or if they are they are in limited supply when lots of people want the same thing.

So money is there to enable the well off to get those few things for themselves rather than lose out to the others who want these things but don’t have the money.

If you build a system that runs on money it means that commodities that are scarce go up in ‘value’ where as commodities that are plentiful or in over supply lose ‘value’.

Capitalising on commodities, whether these are necessities such as food and water, or items of social value like jewellery or speciality things like art, has a good side in that it allows for the skills of mankind to have an overall beneficial drive towards a better and more fruitful society – that is if you believe that without tools like capitalism the world’s population would remain ignorant savages…

It has a downside in that it devalues too many things too often to allow for a complete system to be in place that works for everyone under its aegis.

It does look as if one power group has build this system in order to maintain control over all the ‘things’ that group needs to the exclusion of a large proportion of the rest of the World’s benefit.

… and the truth is that is exactly what has happened… and is still happening.

The realities of the structure are being changed but the power still remains in the hands of the few over the many.

Non violent pressure from massed groups of people will change the way things are done but only if those people are willing to carry on the social structure that works whilst throwing away that which doesn’t. This way of changing society usually takes far longer than other direct methods because there is usually very little effect on those in power, mainly because whilst they have what they want they find it easy to ignore words – no matter how loud they are. Direct peaceful action which disrupts the economics of a country does tend to have a better effect but getting a country full of people to move their asses is hard work, especially if many of that country’s people
are content with their lot… especially when they view what they have in comparison to many countries not to far from their backyards.

If that country is tightly controlled by the economic set up, the plutocracy is a long standing system, bureaucracy is a group of people who stand between the plutocracy and those without – or are those who want the changes to
come now but still rely on money as a core belief which allows control to be maintained by the plutocracy – then people are malleable… social causes get their ‘dander’ up but real fighting for life is something best left to the professionals… besides which society is trying to make people mellow so that there is less friction … better to send an angry letter.

It seems that only by enacting a complete breakdown of society can any major changes take place otherwise most people are content because ‘now’ always seems better than ‘before’ – all the more so if the country they live in is one where power has had to be struggled and fought for by one group over another for years.

So, over years and centuries a system is built that is an interlocking set of ways that doesn’t allow for a complete breakdown except in the most violent or repressed of incidences.

Yet this system is completely controllable. There need never be a class who have nothing. Never need there be people who die from lack of something that is in supply. Never again those with whilst others die because they
don’t have the money to buy what’s needed.

Imagine calming down the human race whilst turning them on to the joys of being a human being on planet Earth.

A dream.

One of those idealistic futures of mankind where it all works out because it can.

We are starting to see the global meaning of cooperation. Of clarity of word and deed. Of honesty of trading and of purpose.

The equipment and desire is already there regarding a system rebuild – a service pack for Life I. A set of patches that work to update what we have now, the setup of which is inadequate to all our needs, that sorts out thewrinkles made from old material. Don’t throw away everything just because part of the man made operating system of life doesn’t work. But do sort out the bits that don’t work.

It’s likely to happen though – throwing all of it away in order to remove the, perceived or even real, shackles. Using in-depth profiling tools for each person can only go so far in giving them what keeps them quiet. Situations
can be controlled by media output but only if the media wants to, or are forced to, be part of the mechanism for control – and only if the population allows it through compromised standards, apathy or lack of knowledge of
their true rights as defined by the majority of other humans on this planet.

One day has to be planned for. The day of crossover where those ‘with’ cannot keep hold any more. Or where they have to share on an equal footing with rest of mankind… or will the man ‘with’ buy the power to give him ‘all’ whilst everyone else goes without?

No. because it always goes pop, like an erupting spot, except it’s the real lives of, sometimes, millions of people. Let alone the animals and flora that get roasted because the system is inadequate and antiquated. Are the Chinese going to decide that they deserve everything? Are the Americans? The Russians? The Israeli’s? The Europeans?

Or is it really true what The World Bank and others say? Does everyone want freedom and prosperity for every single person? They seem to be saying that’s what they want. Darvo. Non stop talking about trying to get to this point in time.

But, as ‘they’ say ‘slowly slowly catch a monkey’ and, even, ‘don’t rock the boat’.

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