>The Future of People and Money

>Apartheid Museum - NoosesImage by srippon via Flickr Money controls every aspect of our lives in the UK and money is an invention that need not control everything.

People die from lack of money.

They starve, they freeze, they die from lack of proper medical help. Their lives are limited from birth to death by money. Their education is limited by money. Their relationships are limited by money. Where they live is limited by money. To say their dreams and aspirations are limited by money is self evident.

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, second inaugural address, 1937

The supply of money in capitalist countries is based on the trickle down effect – those with it release it to those below them and they, in turn release it to those below them until the lowest levels are reached.

Because of laws based on human rights we now have a system running in the UK that agrees that each life is worth a certain sum. Whether this is a work based minimum wage or an out of work based benefit minimum or even child support or disability support minimum – each life is supposed to be worth a certain sum regardless of race, creed, colour or other factor.

However, all these systems are regulated by one overriding factor – the minimum/ maximum argument.

For those fighting for the rights of humans to live and enjoy their lives it is the maximum amount capable of being got for each person out of a limited amount and for those whose designs are aimed at preserving the divide then it is the minimum that each person can be limited to so that the rich/ poor divide remains as strong and as wide as it can be without open revolt from the masses which can destroy the systems that the rich need in order to enjoy their lives.

Few rich people want poor people on their beaches unless it’s by invitation, because they work there or because the rich profit from it.

There are more and more areas in the UK that are becoming too expensive for any but the richest people to live in. Even the most modest of houses is now fetching over the top prices simply because of their location. Like the white / black divide in apartheid South Africa the rich live in their areas and the support workers for the rich live in theirs. There are now more people in service in the UK than there were in Victorian times.

I used to thing that there was a positive right minded reason for using money as a control tool but, having watched the excesses of the well off – whether they be government bodies or private individuals – I know that money is used to control only one thing – access to the playgrounds of the rich.

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