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Imagine how many crimes would stop happening if everyone had enough money!

But it won’t stop whilst money is in short supply.

If you lock a system whereby, without money there are no goods or services, then that system cannot work… especially if that system is based on historical performance and artificial controls… controls that are often in the direct hands of people who have their own personal agenda’s… which often include large amounts of money – which have to be siphoned out of the system somewhere – creating a shortfall somewhere else.

At the moment world leaders are talking about taking about a hundred years or more to just break the boundaries of actual poverty. The Millennium Declaration Goals of the United Nations – many to be achieved by 2015 were shown to be totally inaccurate based on the actions of signatories to it in the few years after it was published.

Countries put their own people first and themselves first – it’s a human thing J

There is a way of rebuilding the way money is used so that it never gets in the way of creative living or even the simple necessities of human, animal or plant life – let alone the planetary needs of a group of fauna and flora and history like we are – we deserve to live and enjoy because we are unique and amazing – leaving the tools to do that job up to a set of old era based economic ways instead of building a new, working system for the modern era is not only criminal on any world scale but also wasteful and backward thinking.

How and when are we, the world, ever going to

  • Feed, clothe, educate and supply the world?
  • Get off world and colonise the planets?
  • Colonise the sea?
  • Make sure we don’t loose any more creatures or plants of this planet?
  • Capture for posterity everything that is happening from now on?
  • Save all world languages?
  • Sort out all the mental health problems directly attributable to living and working in a bad system

Let alone anything else each of us wants that we cannot do or have at this moment because of the severe restraints that money imposes – certainly in the UK if nowhere else (I can only talk about the UK because this is where I have spent most of my life).

If your life has allowed you a direct plug in to normal financial lifestyle tools then you will have credit, debt and work that pays just enough to keep you going whilst you build up a stock of money for retiring or speculating.

If you don’t live in this way then usually you live in debt with little or no money to add to a steadily increasing bank roll and no way to aim for anything other than drug and drink induced hilarity or sadness and anger.

If poverty was a lonely thing, suffered in silent, boxed in solitude then maybe poverty would only feel like a lack of a few things but, when confronted by multimedia presentations of how good life can be if you have money then poverty becomes unbearable – especially when you know that with money you would be alive and capable instead of barely just alive.

At the moment most world systems are run on the trickle down effect – huge sums fed in to a single person who then trickles it through his fingers down to the next people down the line who, in turn, trickle it through their fingers etc. The effect of this is to ensure that the top few get all that they want whilst making sure that those at the bottom get little or nothing because of the abstract concept of quantities… as each person lets some of their money go what they retain becomes less…. In a world of unknowns and costly prices for some of the simplest dreams you never know how much you might need in reserve – you never know when the next large dollop is going to land – so each of the tricklers withholds just a little bit more than they need and before you know it the bottom is coping with full drought whilst knowing, deep in their hearts, that money would solve their problems – would allow them to eat, to sleep safe, to grow and expand.

There is not enough money in the system at the moment to cope with any major new needs of the planet. There is not enough money now to cope with the needs of the poor. There is no more evidence than that needed. If something is dying somewhere because of something that money could buy then the system is failing.

But there does seem to be a way that keeps everything fairly balanced and doesn’t create waves except where waves need to happen… There are so many systems and sub systems running in this world at the moment that re styling money would only enhance what is happening – being designed to do exactly that – enhance.

Enhanced Capitalism – where money is only an accounting and performance tool – no longer a life or death tool. Where everything is capitalised when it has to be – Where each individual has a respected part to play in the whole, even if that part is not instantly apparent.

Each and every life is special and individual and important. Look around – it’s rare stuff – nothing as far as our life finders can see – light years and real years of time spent looking and no one yet.

So we have what we have. A whole ecosystem which we can learn to balance with but not while one lot of men are trying to kill off another lot of men.

Capitalism will always have its adversary because it is designed as an aggressive system – has had to be in order to gain ground – yet people don’t see that none of the money side is necessary in life at all – except maybe as a metering system with regards to the system as a whole. Money can be all of the things it is at present whilst being a readily available substance – like air… not like gold or diamonds or a Faberge egg.

This move effects quality of life in the profoundest of ways – Things change and they change fast. All the other systems and subsystems support the change – or are adapted to do so.

How does it work?

Take away the right of any country to starve any of its citizens of the currency of that country.

In five years time give everyone in the world an account with 1 in it.

Then add on 1,000 zero’s.

Between now and then start talking about what will happen… prices staying the same etc… actual and relative poverty explained….

Build lifelong learning tools into the account – and easy access to answers and desires, needs and even whims within reason and possibility…

Ask workers if they will stay on after five years or walk off … and sort other workers to take their places…

Sort out the ramifications of such a drastic change in world running… five years of talking and sorting…

Black White Economy… what happens?



Written in 2007 as well.

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