>1998 Can you really be serious?

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This was written in 1998 when everything was going wrong with me, my mind especially – Grand Mal Epilepsy and clinical depression – I don’t kill flies if I can help it! But, sometimes anger boils up and words get said…

Can you really be serious when you ask why the bombers bomb you and your society? Just add a few more years of your crap to my diet and I will be bombing you as well.

I have had too many years of your blind indifference, your advertised bullshit, your easy acceptance of

Are you blind to the wrongs your society inflicts on innocent people every minute of every day of their lives?

The dishonesty inherent in your society is built in at base level– like the building blocks used for childhood creativity. Only your building blocks are flawed, uneven, crooked.

A first world country? What makes a country fit this category? Greed? Selfishness? The ability to build in lies and the ability to force outsiders to swallow these lies?

What lies? What dishonesties? You ‘honestly’ think that you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

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