>Bomb – Canary Warf – 13/09/1996

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Are you really sure that you don’t understand why the IRA have re-started their bombing campaign in the United Kingdom?

On the morning after the Cannary Warf bomb blast I was watching the TV. It was the time when children’s programmes should have been on. The were late by an hour because of the discussions on the bombing, which my eight year old son and six year old daughter watched because their grandmother lives in London and because the kept expecting the cartoons to come on. The discussion ended and their programmes came on. There was no mention of the bombing- why should there be? These were programmes for little ones, how can anyone expect children to know anything about such things? OK, a possibly valid point, leaving a aside facts such as the numbers of children my sons age who shoulder guns and fight wars in countries world wide. After these ‘kiddies’ programmmes came programmes for the adults who like to watch tv in the mornings. Taking it for read that the bombing was THE major event that has happened in the UK for some time it was surprising to me how little there was on this event. Lot’s about minor life items- it was as if the bomb had happened in another country.

Now, look for a moment at another major happening, The Scott Report. 700 people thown out of work. Directors and their families dragged through mire of public criticism and social disgrace. Machinary supplied to a country that has a proven track record of atrocities against ethnic groups and known affiliations to terrorist groups, including the IRA. government guidelines changed to fascilitate the sales. What happens? Nothing. It is as if none of this matters. Who cares if lies are told in parliament? Who cares if moral values- caring for lives, believing in honesty and straight dealing- who cares if these things can be thrown aside when money and government policy dictates that they are now a block to further goals?

Another seemingly random jump of thought takes me to the Newbury bypass. What has that to do with bombing and maiming innocent people? Think about this. If I belonged to a group of nature loving travellers and we decided to move into the woods that the bypass is going through how long would it be before there were shouts of anger from all corners about us despoiling a site of special scientific interest? Would we be allowed to live in harmony with the wood? Would the law be enforced, and even changed if needs be, so that this site could be cleared of our unnatural interreaction with it? The laws relating to this SSI would be all important. The SSI would be all important. So how come a swathe of it can be completely destroyed? Why is the site of no interest suddenly when others deem it so?

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