>Label – 10/04/1996

>Children in Khorixas, NamibiaImage via Wikipedia


Acting like children. It’s not acting. It is the way this world really is. Adults. The finalised grouping of playground kids. The bully with his cronies. The quiet with the quiet. The social middle ground all grouped as chosen.

The labeling did not start at a certain age, it just carried on from on generation to another. The silent, social labeling has the most profound effect. The child who smells. The cheap, often ripped, clothes of another. The use of ‘wrong’ words in known situations tags another. The very bright child is lifted and labelled above others- who are then labelled as not so bright as… . Colour is the least of the labels that this country tags another with. New TV shows for children enhance these tags. Anorak Man. Train Spotter. Study the dress code of the one that loses. Watch who is picked from the crowd.

If only we could stop the tagging. Cease the ‘sides’ of the playground. A world-wide understanding. A retraining of ‘media’ man in the awareness of ‘apres label‘ effects. A stronger desire to stop the split of people by sub groups. A seeing of each as each rather than one of.

I have never been able to see why we should have to wait for the genetic mutation of pigs so that only when ‘swine in the sky, sailors delight’ is a weather gauge will mankind suddenly be capable of the open tolerance new lovers afford each other.

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