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Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite

Last Updated: 08/10/2010



Security Database 2009 Award


          – Description
          – News
          – Download
          – Installation
          – Log
          – Screen Shots
          – Linking to Katana
          – FAQ



Katana v1.5 (Z@toichi)

Katana 1.5 is a portable multi-boot security suite designed for many of your computer security needs. The idea behind this tool is to bring together all of the best security distributions to run from one USB drive. Katana includes distributions which focus on Pen-Testing, Auditing, Forensics, System Recovery, Network Analysis, Malware Removal and more.

Katana Bootable:

Backtrack 4
the Ultimate Boot CD
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
Ophcrack Live
Puppy Linux
Kaspersky Live
Trinity Rescue Kit
Derik’s Boot and Nuke

And instructions on installing additional Distributions can be found here.

Katana Tool Kit:

– Wireshark
– Firefox
– the Unstoppable Copier
– OllyDBG
– ProcessActivityView
– SniffPass Password Sniffer
– ClamAV
– IECookiesView
– MozillaCacheView
– FreeOTFE
– FindSSN
– The Sleuth Kit
– OpenOffice
and many more.



02/12/2010: Katana v1.5 Release

12/31/2009: Security-Database Best IT Security Tools For 2009 – Katana awared Excellent Live distro



Name: Katana v1.5
File: katana-v1.5.rar
Size: ~ 3.1 GB
MD5: 3d80c9e6629462779822f11752868bbe

Torrent: katana-v1.5.torrent


http://mirror.cc.vt.edu/pub/katana/ Current Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
http://newfe.kracomp.com/katana Current
http://www.d3vrandom.net/hfc/katana Old
http://gextrade.thegoodhacker.com/katana/katana-v1.rar Old



Requirments: Requires USB flash drive (or other disk) of size 8GB or larger with 4GB free space formated FAT32. Also, turn off all virus scanner before install. Many of the tools included in Katana get flagged as “hacker tools” by many Anit-Virus programs.

1. Download the Katana RAR file to the local disk.

2. Extract Katana to the root of the USB flash drive; example “E:\” (Windows) or “/mount/sdb1” (Linux). (DO NOT extract into a subdirectory on the flash drive).

3. Change directory to the freshly copied “boot” directory on the USB device. (Make sure you’re in the “boot” directory on the USB device and NOT your local disk! )

4. Run the following with Administrative privileges. For Linux/OSX run ./boostinst.sh, for Windows run ./boostinst.bat

5. Make sure computer BIOS allows USB boot. Boot from flash drive. All Done!



v2 Pre (DefCon 18 Release) – 07-29-2010 :
MD5: 8d14d173bafe846e7f8360c2fd09d20d
Only Available @ DefCon 18

v1.5 (codename “Z@toichi”) – 02-10-2010 :
Download katana-v1.5.torrent
MD5: 3d80c9e6629462779822f11752868bbe
– Distros Removed: OSWA Assistant, Damn Small Linux, Damn Vulnerable Linux, Slax
– Distros Added: Puppy Linux, Kaspersky Live, Trinity Rescue Kit, Clonezilla, Derik’s Boot and Nuke
– Added the Katana Tool Kit interface
– Added several new Windows tools inclusing GNUWin32, Forensic Acquisition Utilities, Angry IP and The Sleuth Kit.
– Changed the personal directory from “home” to “Documents”.

v1.0 (codename “Kyuz-0”) – 10-31-2009 :
Download katana-v1.torrent
MD5: df6738eec7dce3cbaf4dfab7cc691969
– Updated Ophcrack Live, Backtrack and OSWA Assistant.
– Added over 100 portable Windows Applications.
– Included addtional documentation.
– Added install and uninstall scripts for easier use.

v1.0 beta – 05-21-2009 :
– Initial Release.


Screen Shots

Katana Boot Menu


Katana Tool Kit



Linking to Katana

Insert the following HTML code to add the Katana button to your website:

It looks like this:




Why do I get disk write errors when downloading Katana?

A possible explanation is the file system type. File system, like FAT16 and FAT32, cannot handle files the size of the Katana RAR file. Make sure you are downloading to a partition with over 6 Gigabytes of free space on a file system that allows for storage of files over 6 Gigabytes.


Why is Katana so big?

Katana is comprised of many distributions designed to maximize use by coming as close to the 700 MB limit of a CD as they are able. All the distributions included in Katana, excluding the 50MB Damn Small Linux, are at least 600 MB by themselves. Combining these tools with some additional applications is why Katana requires around 6 GB of space.


Installing additional Distributions to Katana

General instructions on installing additional Ditros can be found here.

Instructions on installing …

   – UBCD4Win

   – Backtrack 4

   – Backtrack 3

   – Clonezilla

   – Puppy Linux

   – Trinity Rescue Disk

   – Nimblix

   – Kon-Boot

   – Dereks Boot and Nuke

   – Samurai

   – WeakNet

   – OWASP Live


How can I leave feedback?


Can I install Katana on my harddrive?

Yes, running the install script can install Katana on the hard disk. The current boot loader for that disk will be replaced with the syslinux boot loader. The disk must be a FAT32 filesystem.


Why can’t I boot from USB?

You may need to configure yout BIOS to boot from USB. You can generaly access your computer BIOS using [F1], [F2], or [Delete]. You may need to reconfigure the Boot Order to set the USB boot at a higher priority.


Why do I get “no bootable partition in table”?

See forum link


Why can’t I extract the RAR file?

See forum link


Why does my Anti-Virus flag some files in Katana?

These files are flagged because they could potentially be used for malicious purposes by the user, but they can also be very useful for forensics and general sys-admin duties. When you read their description it may become more clear why anti-virus considers them potentially dangerous. Zipped versions of many of these tools are included because I have noticed that some Anti-Virus programs (like Symatic) delete them automatically if allowed to scan the Katana drive.


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