>Rothschild daughter WARNS of bomb attack at U.S. Embassy in Dubai tomorrow to be blamed on U.S. activists? | FIRETOWN!


This story is making headlines today:
Her name is Brittany Jacqueline de Rothschild and we had only been talking a week now. She had originally approached me for help in “publicizing her book” (an auto-biography despite her being only 18 years old?!?) about world-shaping events to do with her famous family. This whole chat transpired on Yahoo Messenger this morning, 9-23-2010. The events she is foretelling are supposed to happen tomorrow 9-24-2010. She claims that she is orchestrating and wiring payments in increments of $100,000 for a “bomb attack that will kill 1 million Muslims tomorrow” and be blamed on U.S. “political extremist” activists like you and me. And that we (or our friends) will be found guilty, imprisoned, and tortured.

This is her picture: Brittany Jacqueline de Rothschild, related to Edouard de Rothschild (I think from France?)

I really do not know what to make of this and am having a serious “WTF?!?” reaction. But I wanted to get this out there now so people don’t think I am crazy if this ever does happen. And if it does not happen then you can beware for what kind of “mind fuck” person this is, because here are her Facebook profile addresses:




I had met her on Facebook (here) but we added each other to Yahoo originally because she said she was trying to break free from her evil family and to “do good” and “help people” (I have 3 other chats saved from her which show her saying these things, amongst other mentions of hanging out with celebrities with famous names, etc…)

My whole week of talking to her so far has been bizarre, in good and bad ways both…

In this chat, I am prophetpx777@yahoo.com

… and she (Brittany) is dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com

(her girlfriend is named Kara Rochester – also here on FB but I’ve never talked to her).

Also note that she mentions “יהוה” and that is the hebrew name for God (YHWH or Yahweh, or Jehovah) yet she says that she is not a christian… She says that God (“יהוה” YHWH) is telling her to pay for and execute this bomb attack tomorrow. Talk about MESSED UP!!!!

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: im back

prophetpx777: hi

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: hey

prophetpx777: so what is going on?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: sadly, i plan to kill a 1 million muslim tomorrow.

prophetpx777: what?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: a bomb will go off in the US Embassy in Dubai

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: Killing a few, inuring many more.

prophetpx777: says who?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: says me.

prophetpx777: why says you? you say “i plan to kill” as if u are causing it or doing it

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: the last transaction of $100,000 goes through tonight.

prophetpx777: why are you telling me this

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: to warn you.

prophetpx777: warn me why? I do not live in Dubai … and why are you saying that you are doing it? you did say “i”

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: 9 American political extremists, like yourself, will be arrested in connection with the attack. They will be ound gulty. Thrown in jail, tortured.

prophetpx777: like myself???

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: yes, the way you potray yourself.

prophetpx777: i am not a tea-o-con zombie who hates muslims … i love muslims

prophetpx777: and besides you said you are doing it. that you are causing the bombings. WTF?!

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: as anti everything. “grow your own food, 9/11 truth, the government is lying to you”

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: your what we call extremists.

prophetpx777: brittany

prophetpx777: be frank with me … why did you say that YOU are doing it?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i didn’t.

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: it’s all in your mind.

prophetpx777: yes you did

prophetpx777: BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: sadly, i plan to kill a 1 million muslim tomorrow.

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: sadly, your lying again. my name has nothing more included than just “BrittanyJacqueline(L)”

prophetpx777: not lying. that is what you said. yahoo nicknames can vary … i pasted what my window said and just because the nickname changed does not mean you did not say it

prophetpx777: when i added you i edited your nickname and contact details on my list

prophetpx777: that is why it shows that way

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i think before you point fingers, make sure you have every detail, piece of evidence, and facts.

prophetpx777: brittany you said it

prophetpx777: scroll up

prophetpx777: it was at the beginning of the chat

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: scroll up to what? all we have said is “hi, how are you? and wht im busy with”

prophetpx777: grrrrrr

prophetpx777: BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: im back

ProphetPX777: hi

BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: hey

ProphetPX777: so what is going on?

BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: sadly, i plan to kill a 1 million muslim tomorrow.

ProphetPX777: what?

BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: a bomb will go off in the US Embassy in Dubai

BrittanyJacqueline & KaraRochester: Killing a few, inuring many more


prophetpx777: how the hell am i supposed to have every detail and fact when this was unknown to me before you said it just a bit

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i thinkyou and your conspiracy theory head have lost basic common sense.

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i did not say that.

prophetpx777: someone at your computer using your messenger did say that

prophetpx777: either you or someone else

prophetpx777: it is still in this window as originally from your login name

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: right.

prophetpx777: you said it was to warn me

prophetpx777: SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: if i wanted you dead, i wouldnt warn you. id just shoot you between the eyes with no thought or sympathy.

prophetpx777: what the hell kind of thing is that to say to somebody????

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i don’t care if i kill somebody. if it’s what יהוה

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: wants of me, i shall do it

prophetpx777: Ever hear of the 10 Commandments and “thou shalt not kill”?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i’m not chritsian

prophetpx777: yet you name a hebrew name of Yahweh as if that’s a God you believe in

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i was brought up to do whatever yehovah asked of me to do

prophetpx777: i thought you wanted to help people

prophetpx777: why do you want to kill muslims for

prophetpx777: i think you are totally screwing around and are not serious 1 iota

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i don;’t want to kill muslim :-O

prophetpx777: by the way, Yahweh is the name of the God of Christians

prophetpx777: yahweh would never order anyone to kill anyone or anything for no reason

prophetpx777: you said you are going to kill 1 million muslims

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: by the way, i do not care.

prophetpx777: brittany seriously what is your problem??? honestly

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: i have no problem. you do though.

prophetpx777: ok what is my problem then?

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: if someone doesn’t agree with your views, you argue, and cuuss them. you believe your one of a few that know whats really happening behind closed doors, when you really dont know jack shit. you call people “sheep” because they actually have brains, and dont get caught up in ridiculous conspiracy theories.

dudewtf-_-@hotmail.com: anyway, i have no time for you right now, im busy.

prophetpx777: oh boy

prophetpx777: really now?

— at this point she just logged off or went invisible.

What do I make of this?

Is she just fucking with me or putting me on? I am having a hard time finding her to be believeable or serious yet.

I really cannot believe anything she says yet (based on other chats I have had with her in the recent past).

Ongoing discussion here …

Added from the ongoing discussion:

Another key point to consider: Brittany’s twitter page ( http://twitter.com/BJacquelinex3 ) is following and being followed by the yellow-badge VERIFIED account of David Rothschild ( http://twitter.com/DRexplore ). If David’s account is gen…uine, and Brittany HAS been talking to David (you can see the conversations on her twitter page) then it lends even more credibility to her being genuine and authentic too.

Plus the fact of Edouard Rothschild’s Wikipedia page ( http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edouard_Etienne_de_Rothschild&a… ) was mysteriously edited by a Wikipedia user named “KnowItAll61″ a few days ago to have Betje/Brittany’s name NEWLY ADDED into the page entry as a child of his. Also the same user who committed those changes to Wikipedia also made changes to Ali Lohan’s page (yes Lindsay’s sister page) to add her Facebook profile onto the wikipedia page. Well in my past chats with Brittany she DID say she was hanging out with Ali Lohan at parties. YES she said that … so … even more credence… I do NOT want to believe any of this!!!

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