>Fawcett Society – Fawcett today


Who we are

Fawcett is the UK’s leading campaign for equality between women and men. We trace our roots back to 1866, when Millicent Garrett Fawcett began her lifetime’s work leading the peaceful campaign for women’s votes. We are a charity, registered in England no: 1108769 and company limited by guarantee no 4600514.

What we believe in

Our vision is of a society in which women and men enjoy equality at work, at home and in public life.

The issues

We campaign on women’s representation in politics and public life; on equal pay, on pensions and poverty; valuing caring work; and the treatment of women in the justice system.

What we do

We make real differences in women’s lives by creating awareness, leading debate and driving change. Our lobbying power means we have real influence right at the top of UK politics and among those who make decisions.

Our achievements

Our successes range from a change in the law to allow political parties to use all-women shortlists to increase the number of women MPs, to a new, fairer system for appointing judges, to a new duty on public bodies to promote equality between women and men.

How you can help

Be part of our campaign! As a campaigning charity, we are always in need of financial support and you can give this by joining or donating to Fawcett. To join, donate or get involved click on one of the links on the right hand side of this page.


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