>2010-08-25 August 25th 2010! Who would believe it? – projectbrainsaver



I am 54 now. I have been working on my project, whilst trying to keep myself from screwing up physically, for a long time now, decades in fact.

I went to SpeechTEK Europe 2010 in London in May and spoke to Steve Graff who is the Chief Architect of Technology and a Vice President of Autonomy.

After a 20 minute talkthrough regarding the technology available and it’s potential other uses re projectbrainsaver Steve not only agreed it was capable of being built but capable of being built easily.
A couple of week later Peter Mattravers, an Autonomy accounts manager and eTalk specialist, came up to Harlech for a few hours and listened whilst I went supersonic trying to explain all the different thinks I knew their technolgy was capable of.

Two days later I recieved an email from Peter stating that Everything was capable of being built and where would I like to start? I was then asked for a high level scoping document regarding this direction and …..

My brain froze.

Just like it has time and time again as I feel the pathway leading towards a place that is not me and that I cannot cope with – a world outside my own with mad stresses that would kill me in months flat.

I have some wonderful children, and a wonderful grand child.

I have a fairly peaceful life, I have a few friends, a place to live and a small garden. I have a head full of how to build this and what it could be used for but I have always needed this kit to work using what’s inside my head.

Catch 22.

Whoever I am it is not someone who is a major corporate man – I am about as much a business man as my 9 month old grand daughter is.

All I can keep doing is whatever I feel I can do to make this sort of kit appear sooner rather than later.


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