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Message for all the ‘different’ people out there !

The ‘collective’ known as pc1co is now moving into the cloud with eyeOS.

The site you are currently viewing will soon cease to exist. Thanks to all my loyal visitors over the past while. Its been quite a journey.  Thanks to the many who email me regularly and send me witty texts and messages. I hope you guys will come and have a nosey around too.

Click the link to the new site above and become a part of pc1co today. This NEW site is for those who want to know more about starting their online empire , those who are interested in pooling their talents, also , those who are tired of not being noticed and who have skills and talents that they just cannot seem to pass on or lack ability to ‘fit-in’ with the main-stream.

Those that know me from my online activities will be able to confirm that I would consider myself as one of those who just doesn’t fit in. I am living in the sub-ethernets in my mind. I live , to Code.

I live to constantly re-invent myself and if something is not working for me I change it.

Some people just don’t fit in with the way the world wants them to fit – and as a result it leads to isolation. I suffer depressive episodes and sometimes climb into my own head and just want to stay there forever.

Depression is terrible , and sometimes it is hard to take the next step – so I say take it now – come and join me , I am not a big business or a computer program – I am just a person and would like to meet those who feel as I do.

The new cloud based site is where I want you to come and tell me all about you and your skills and talents , and as the group or ‘collective’ grows , we can collaborate and share and best of all – ‘Create’!

On our own we get only so far – but with the help of others we can soar. – pc1co is now moving into the cloud with eyeOS. Come and Join us today !

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