>What is a TweetStorm ? | #TweetsStorm’s in support of Gary Mckinnon


I base this blog on the Inspiration of a twitter friend @lissnup

What is a TweetStorm?

It’s a co-ordinated action by many users to send the same tweet out at the same time, generating a “storm” of tweets

How does it work?

Anyone can call for a TweetStorm, you just need to decide:

  1. What will be in the tweet (the text and what hashtags, any special user to target, eg @ukhomeoffice )What time it has to be sent (best choose a time you know lots of people are usually online)

What next?

You have to tell people about the TweetStorm, and ask them to get involved by supporting it (sending out a tweet or setting up a scheduled tweet – see below) and by spreading the idea to their followers.!

Then, you either keep the TweetStorm text somewhere handy and send it out at the appointed time, or you schedule a tweet to go out at the set time.

How do I schedule a tweet?

TweetDeck includes a schedule tweet feature, and there are several free scheduling services available online. See this article: 15 Free Services to Schedule Tweets on Twitter http://bit.ly/aWW4kS for details.

How do I know what time to send the tweet if I am in a different time zone?

Check times in various time zones here: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/ or here: http://www.worldtimezones.com/

And that is all there is to it.


  1. Write the tweet with tags, @username(s)
  2. Recruit your friends using DM, email, etc
  3. Remember to set up your scheduled tweet!
  4. Pass the information along
  5. Post some reminders as the time approaches


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