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Flu Vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective ways of protecting your health, productivity and peace of mind. Whether you are a private individual concerned about avoiding an unpleasant illness and its complications, or a company concerned about business continuity and the welfare of your staff, we have the experience and the expertise to help you.

This year’s seasonal flu vaccine includes important protection against the new H1N1 “swine flu” strain. It does this using a traditional seasonal flu vaccine formula, without the additives used in last year’s specially-produced pandemic vaccines. The new seasonal vaccine is also recommended for people who have already had the swine flu pandemic vaccine, and strongly recommended for all pregnant women.

You can use this website to find out more about flu and flu vaccination, prevention and treatment. You can find out about our drop-in service, or request a formal quotation for our call-out service for companies and organisations across the UK.

Individual Vaccination

Our drop-in service is now available!  As a specialist centre, we offer a wide choice of vaccines. More…

Companies and Groups

Well-organized flu vaccination programmes are what we do best! We are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate Flu Vaccination services and cover most parts of the country. (We have been doing this in the UK since 1995, so our track record is hard to match!) For employers, flu vaccination is highly cost-effective. We stock a wide choice of vaccines. We provide free tools to help organise your company flu vaccination programme. Whether you have ten staff, or ten thousand, we’ll make everything as painless and simple as possible. And we cannot be beaten on price or service. More…

What our customers say about us

“Gold star service”

“Ten out of Ten”

“Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to deal with everyone at Fleet Street Clinic”

“Excellent service, efficient and well managed”

“Brilliant service, everyone extremely happy with service provided, a big thank you!”

“Excellent service, highly recommended”

Book now!

Companies and groups really do need to make arrangements from now, to guarantee vaccine availability. Please contact us now.

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