>Email The Home Office In Support Of Gary McKinnon


Send A Message To The Home Office In Support Of Gary McKinnon
If you oppose the extradition of Gary McKinnon, please take a moment to use the form below to voice your protest where it counts. Just fill in your details and add your name at the end of the text in the message box below, or delete the suggested text and use the message box to write your own message to Theresa May.

The Home Office are obliged to reply to UK correspondence within approx. 20 working days, which is why you must enter your details – they will not be stored by this website, but if you want the Home Office to take note of your message, you must put in your valid email and postcode.


  • Theresa May has received no less than three unanimous and compelling expert medical opinions of the severe and disproportionate harm that extradition would cause to Gary McKinnon, in clear violation of his Human Rights.
  • The Home Secretary has a legal obligation to refuse the extradition, should it violate the Human Rights Act.
  • No evidence of any extraditable offence has been shown. This was proved by the CPS disclosure to the court in 2009.
  • Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have publicly stated that they oppose this extradition.
  • Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • When you press Submit, your message will be emailed to the Home Office.

    * Name:
    * Email:
    * Postcode:
    * Dear Theresa May:
    This is a national disgrace. Eight years of mental torture of a vulnerable man for a minor crime, if crime there was. No more excuses, stop this extradition now. Free Gary McKinnon.
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    NB This webform is created and intended solely to facilitate legitimate democratic protest. All users are solely responsible for their own use of this form. The creator and owner of this site bears no responsibility for any abuse or misuse of it.


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