>Wine Consulting



Jason is Managing Director of Eville & Jones Ltd , the largest veterinary food hygiene company in Europe , employing some 250 professional staff. Jason is also a Director of IVEC, the consultancy division of Eville & Jones, supplying specialist agricultural based advice, with viticulture and oenology being a key interest, to government agencies and private clients in Europe, Australasia and the Middle East .

He is President of the Veterinary Public Health Association and is actively engaged within the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe , which has a key role in influencing European food safety and agricultural policy.

He has extensive experience of both crisis and change management within the food, and related industries, having been heavily involved in dealing with a number of national agricultural crises. His international experience ensures a wide range of specialist knowledge in the field of food safety and delivery of Government projects.

With specialist knowledge in European food and drink regulation, import/ export certification, agricultural consultancy and with a keen interest in wine making and production systems, he has travelled extensively within and beyond Europe ‘s many wine growing regions. Through his specialist expertise, he has been able to participate actively in the viticultural aspects of many of the world’s finest wine producing regions. His special interest is also manifested in a keen knowledge, extensive collection and connoisseurship of all aspects of the wine-making process.


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