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Review of strategy to prevent extremism outlined

Tuesday, 09 Nov 2010

Circle of hands

The government’s strategy for stopping radicalisation and helping create an integrated society will be looked at again, Theresa May announced today.

A review will assess how the Prevent strand of the government’s counter-terrorism programme can work more effectively and deliver better value for money.

The new refocused Prevent strategy will be separate from work to tackle wider forms of extremism and to promote integration. Both of these will be led by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Read the press notice here.

An integrated society

The Home Secretary said: ‘Stopping radicalisation depends on an integrated society. We can all play a part in defeating extremism by defending British values and speaking out against the false ideologies of the extremists.

‘Preventing terrorism is not a substitute for investigating and arresting terrorists – police and security agencies will continue to do that. But we have to look at how we stop people getting to that stage in the first place.

‘I believe the Prevent programme isn’t working as effectively as it could and that is why we are reviewing it. I want a strategy that is effective and properly focused — and I am determined it should confront extremism more generally and not just violent extremism.’

New independent reviewer

Lord Carlile of Berriew QC will provide expert, independent supervision of the review until his tenure ends on 31 December.

He will be succeeded in his role as independent reviewer of counter terrorism powers by David Anderson QC.

Mr Anderson is a specialist in EU and public law and human rights. He has been a QC for more than ten years and is also a visiting professor of law at King’s College, London.

The Home Secretary will report back on the findings of the Prevent review early next year.



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