>When prison for cannabis can mean a death sentence – how can it be Just? by Alun Buffry


When prison for cannabis can mean a death sentence – how can it be Just?

by Alun Buffry on Monday, 14 March 2011 at 22:31
I am concerned to read about 51- year-old Peter Davy who is suffering from cancer for ten years and whose partner suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and needs his care 24 hours a day.
So I have written to the Prime Minister, Deputy PM and Minister of Justice in New Zealand asking for a pardon for Peter Davy.   I hope that you too will write .
Peter admits to having cultivated cannabis for his own use and says he has studied extensively the breeding of rare strains of cannabis for specific medical conditions.
On February 5th, Peter pleaded guilty to cultivation of cannabis at Timaru court; this was his fifth conviction and the judge has told him he will be sent to prison.  Peter has also threatened to go on strike and not take his cancer medicines if he is sent to prison.
Of course, a prison sentence for a man that grows a plant, albeit contrary to law, for his own medicinal use and to ease the terrible suffering of his partner is unjust – surely there can be no doubt in that?
If Mr Davy has done no harm – in fact, if all he has done is break a law that enables him to do GOOD,  how can he justly be sent to prison.
In addition, not only will his own health suffer, but it could cost his partner’s life”
It is surely the equivalent of a death sentence?
May I humbly request that Peter Davy be given a pardon.
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Write to John Key Prime Minister  john.key@national.org.nz
Write to Bill English, Deputy Prime Minister  b.english@ministers.govt.nz
Write to Simon Power, Minister of Justice  s.power@ministers.govt.nz
Write to The Press letters@press.co.nz

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