>Cannabis Bus headed to Christchurch on Medical Marijuana relief mission

Medical Marijuana is being packed for distribution in quake hit Christchurch CREDIT: Jeff Lye 

Cannabis Bus headed to Christchurch on Medical Marijuana relief mission

Saturday 12 March 2011, 7:53AM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 

A NORML bus packed with supporters from Auckland’s ‘The Daktory‘, New Zealand’s first cannabis dispensary, are headed to earthquake stricken Christchurch to provide much needed relief to the region’s medical cannabis users.

The visit coincides with the court appearance of Canterbury Medical Marijuana user Peter Davy, who has been told to prepare for prison upon sentencing on March 16th at the Timaru District Court.

Mr. Davy, who has cancer, has vowed to go on hunger strike if sentenced to prison.

ALCP Leader Michael Appleby welcomes news of the tour. He says the bus will be distributing free cannabis to medical users in Canterbury.

“This mission will bring welcome relief to those who need it most, in the wake of the devastating earthquake,” he said.

“I also hope this tour will highlight the injustice of Peter Davy’s case and the suffering caused by cannabis prohibition for medical marijuana users nationwide.”



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