projectbrainsaver is…

an attempt to influence world events from the sidelines whilst trying not to die from various illness’s.

a trial of the listening power of commercial organisations and charities, NGO’s etc to hear what is being asked for, to hear what is capable of being offered to those in need, and their abilities to respond to outside minority voices by pulling that much needed help together

ME SAVING MY BRAIN over a period of many years by trying to work out a way in which, by working out a better way of helping others, I could eventually get some help for myself – for the times when illness has taken me out of the running again

Me seeing something that can be achieved because of my ‘unusual’ life in the UK. Something that can be built from industry standard bits of kit. something that will take just months to setup

An attempt to get built a core of tools for personal use that could fight ANY outside attack on my life – without me having to be well enough to coordinate the whole battle. Whether this is a battle over a wrongly calculated bill, a fight with your own government or getting a doctor kicked out for malpractice or even pulling World focus together in a hurry in cases of Genocide or other major human rights violations

The obsession of a man who has an undiagnosed condition that is remarkably like Asperger’s but which could just be …. who knows

A cloud based mega app which was capable of helping millions of people – as early as 2002/3 – It was shared with The UNICT Task Force and WSIS and also with other major players such as Autonomy and Voxeo

More than that – projectbrainsaver is Possible NOW


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