Self Evident Truths Comes to SF! Public · By Tyler Renner, IO Tillett Wright and 2 others

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  • Self Evident Truths Project is coming to San Francisco on Sunday, December 15th and we want you! Be part of thousands of faces humanizing America’s LGBTQ Community!


    ” Self Evident Truths Project is a photographic document of 10,000 Americans who identify as NOT 100% straight. That means ANYWHERE on the LGBTQ spectrum. The idea is to humanize our community for those that think they don’t know any gay people. We want to show them that we come in all shapes and sizes, and look just like everyone else!”

    IO TIllett Wright will be photographing! You can watch her TED talk, “Fifty Shades of Gay” here:


    11am-2pm: Corner of Market and Castro

    2pm-4pm: Hi Tops: 2247 Market Street

    (each photograph will take less than 5 minutes)

    PLEASE, spread the word and email/facebook invite as many people as possible!

    We are super excited to make this happen! See you all there!

    Thank you,


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